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The gardens of France, Italy and Greece are sure to inspire a lot of gardeners. With their gavel walks, bright tiles, drought tolerant plants and soft colours it is sure a Mediterranean delight. A garden with such Mediterranean effect can sure please your eyes and it is also of low maintenance. Here are some key elements when incorporated into your garden can bring the same vibe. Something that full on creates this vibe is terra cotta pots.

You can have plenty of them. You can have a mix of pot and jars with a variety of plants. You can utilize the focal points of your garden with the different sizes and shapes of the pots. When selecting pots it is important to select for ones that are with wider base, because small bases can be easily blown away by the wind. You can choose pots that have Mediterranean patterns or tiled with patterns to give that stylish look. Most of these patterns are very colourful and bright. So it would bring a mixture of good colours to the space.

A seating area with a shade is very important when it comes to embracing that Mediterranean vibe. It is important that the area is shaded by something like market umbrellas Perth which will give the necessary shade. It should be able to provide shade during the summer and be cozy during the evenings. Especially if your garden faces a lot of sun then it is a must to have one.

Most of these gardens have a gavel floor, the height of the garden come from the finest umbrella for an instance. A 9ft market umbrella is something that would be ideal if you are in the look out to give a good height factor to your garden. When plants are lined along the gavel floor it gives a good contrast to the garden. You can also have some water features included. The water will bring a sense of coolness to the garden. And when there is a gleam of water it definitely is a beautiful sight. You can have ponds, fountain or even ornamental ponds to provide that water feature to your garden.

Try to use aspects such as pebbles into the design, it is a widely used Mediterranean technique. The pebbles have a very rich history. If you aren’t that interested you can always choose to work with colorful stones. When they are of different colour and size they will provide that edge factor to your space. When it comes to creating a garden you can get very creative. Play around with lots of plants and other completing factors. It should be ultimately a space that you would love to spend your time at.

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